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I'm Mike I guess you could say that I'm just an all around computer and technology geek. I am always available to discuss your project over email, phone, or during a face to face meeting. My websites are clean, people focused, user friendly and adhere to the very latest in web design standards. I offer cutting edge professional web design and development services. I offer my clients reasonable and fair rates and fees. I will work closely with you through every step of the process to ensure you are happy with the final project. My work speaks for me, and I take pride in what I create. Building websites since 1996.

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I can creatively find cost effective and simple solutions to fix complicated problems.

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Computer programming since 1983
I will never stop learning and mastering new skills.

I listen.

I offer outstanding customer service.

I am always available during and after your development

I am a excellent communicator and an absolute professional

I will work closely with you through every step of your project to ensure you are happy with the Upshot.

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Always on the cutting edge of the latest web technology
Always @ the forefront of SEO Mobile Web Design & Development

Mike always provide Excellent customer service which involves meeting and surpassing expectations. It means showing my clients how important he or she is to me and the business by interacting in a friendly- helpful and positive way. It's a human thing.

Mike Upshot

Mike Upshot

Founder & CEO

Information Technology Specialist for the past 34 years. Mike is a computer programmer, tech, problem solver and trouble shooter,

Mike has kept pace with developments in technology, computer programming and electronics media daily.

Mike is a computer programmer and graphic artist that has kept pace with developments in technology and electronics media from the early 1980s. and on a continual basis, as the changes in technology and software advance on a rapid basis. He has a unique ability and strong passion for learning new technologies. He is very proactive in learning new industry trends.

Mike has been actively developing websites since 1996. He keeps things clean, simple and easy to navigate. He is a very experienced web designer / developer with extensive graphic design and programming skills. Mike has an expert understanding of web usability principles, capabilities of different platforms/browsers, and design constraints on the web.

Mike soared into the computer business during the early '90s boom. After working independently building websites and graphics for clients, then consulting and working for several advertising and internet firms; Mike has now brought his expertise to you here at

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Technology Mike

Programming and Social Media

I offer and have a ‘can do’ attitude towards all projects and the challenges we are presented with..

Mike is reputed for his skills in the use of Photoshop, HTML, HTML5, XHMTL, CSS, CSS3, ASP, PHP, Javascript , WordPress, CMS, W3C Standards, Compliance and validation of the W3C Organization and various SEO tools for optimizing websites. Highly proficient in Adobe Creative Suite

Mike has shown excellent problem solving, planning and organizational skills, always on the cutting edge of the latest web technology; producing first class results combined with visual appeal and great usability. He has a good working knowledge of developing and implementing social, digital media and digital marketing for maintaining top-level pages.

Mike is a highly skilled WordPress developer. With Mike you are always in control. You decide how your site will look, you choose the font color and size and you also include several plug-in features for a truly engaging experience. But if you do not know how to fully exploit these features your brand could be losing the recognition it deserves. Mike specializes in WordPress theme and plug-in development for all types of businesses. If you want to take your site to another whole new level, then contact Mike Upshot today for consultation services and further discussion of project details.

Mike has experience in all aspects of strategic and creative development with web media and SEO. He creates and manages powerful marketing initiatives and processes; plans and conducts successful, top-level sales presentations; oversees several websites, web marketing and e-commerce efforts. He is skilled at aggressively leveraging strategic partnerships.

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